Animals R People 2

Summer was born in April of 2009 and found abandoned and hungry. She was a tiny little thing, but after a few weeks, she has grown into a beautiful, healthy little girl.

Summer's favorite thing to do is to grab my hand and play like a kitten. She also loves to jump all over her room. She has learned everything she needs to know in order to be released back into the wild, and I must say, I will miss the heck out of her!

ENJOY Summer's pictures!

"Summer" the Baby Squirrel

IMG_1465 IMG_0019 IMG_1173 IMG_1312 IMG_1334 IMG_1433 IMG_1818 IMG_1821 brocolli_2 eatingdandelion jump1

 Baby Summer

Wild animals should be seen through a camera lens, not a cage.

Rescue, rehabilitate, and RELEASE.

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I love my tree!

Playing the jumping game

Nibbling on mommy's hand

Above & Below: Full-grown Summer