Animals R People 2

Summer was released at my friend's house, lots of trees and far away from the road. Since her release, I have visited her many times and each time she remembers me! I nailed her house in a tree and she has filled it with leaves, just like her wild friends. Summer is spoiled rotten and has access to food 24/7, and if the food barrel is empty, she will knock on my friend's window for a refill. Summer was friendly to everyone who visited, a little TOO friendly - she would climb up the legs of anyone who stood still long enough, so my friend has stopped the peanut hand-feeding and Summer has learned to leave visitors alone.  Of course, i had to let her climb on her "Mommy" - enjoy the pictures ofSummer IN THE WILD (well, sort of :-)

"Summer" the Baby Squirrel

In the Wild (well, sort of) :-)

Wild animals should be seen through a camera lens, not a cage.

Rescue, Raise, and RELEASE.

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Summer knew where to find the peanuts when I visited - in my pockets! She has grown into a beautiful young lady, and I am so proud of her. I am also grateful to my friends who put up with Summer's nonsense! Thank you Roy  and Janie - you are gems to our wildlife!

My beautiful girl, all grown up and

enjoying life in the luxury of her own house! Can we say "spoiled"??

IMG_3724 RoyandSummer

Roy, Summer's new dad, who spoils her rotten!

I love you, little girl! Be nice to Roy and Janie - they love you, too!