Animals R People 2

My Pets

Angel - Yorkie Maltese Mix (white)- 7 years old

Dancer - Parti Color Standard Poodle - 4 years old

Cricket - Yorkie Maltese Mix (black/tan) - 3 years old

Bailey - Yorkie Maltese Mix (white) (Cricket's brother) - 3 years old

Rusty - Cocker Spaniel - 11 years old

Cooper - Red Standard Poodle - 3 years old

Bella - Yorkie - 17 years old (R.I.P. March 2010)

Autumn - African Gray

Kelsey - Senegal Parrot

Jake - Pomeranian - 8 years old


Rusty used to live down the street and was basically an "outside" dog who belonged to a family member.  Since he lived mostly outdoors, he was kind of dirty all the time and had long, matted hair and ears. I used to feel so sorry for him. After visiting one day, I was told they were looking for a home for  him, as they were moving. I offerred to take him home and bathe and groom him. When I opened the car door, Rusty jumped onto my lap and stared at me with those "Cocker eyes" and I just melted.  I knew right then and there he was coming home with me to stay - the rest is history. I already had a Min Pin and a Cairne Terrier at home, but I knew Rusty would fit right in, and 3 dogs wouldn't be that bad. Rusty has since "raised" all of my other dogs - he will let the little guys jump on him, chew on his ears, and he will put up with anything from them!




How I wound up with 7 dogs, and in the order I got them.


A friend of my sister's raises champion Yorkies and Maltese. While she was at a show one weekend, her pet sitter was not watching the dogs very carefully and WHOOPS, she had an accident litter of three puppies, all girls. I had just lost my precious Min Pin at 16 years old and thought I would just go look at the puppies. Well, when I saw Angel, all 2 pounds of her, there was no saying NO to this little bundle of cuteness! My sister was with me at the time and there were only two little girls left, Angel and her sister. On the spur of the moment, my sister decided to take the other little girl. She named her Truffle. They are 6 years old now and just as precious as ever!