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Angel - Yorkie Maltese Mix (white)- 7 years old
Dancer - Parti Color Standard Poodle - 4 years old
Cricket - Yorkie Maltese Mix (black/tan) - 3 years old
Bailey - Yorkie Maltese Mix (white) (Cricket's brother) - 3 years old
Rusty - Cocker Spaniel - 11 years old
Cooper - Red Standard Poodle - 3 years old
Bella - Yorkie - 17 years old (R.I.P. March 2010)
Autumn - African Gray
Kelsey - Senegal Parrot
Jake - Pomeranian - 8 years old

How I wound up with 7 dogs, and in the order I got them.

And last but not least -
BAILEY and CRICKET are brothers. You'd never know that by looking at them. Bailey looks more like a Maltese, and Cricket looks like a Yorkie. Their personalities are so different - Bailey is shy and timid, while Cricket is my little monster boy! {{smile}} Four years after I got Angel, her breeder had another "accident litter" of two boys. She emailed their pictures to me and that's all it took. I hesitated getting boys, as they are so much more difficult to house train, but I took a chance. Well, they are two years old now and although they are doing great, they still have their accidents now and then. But, boys will be boys! Of course, my three little ones are mainly house dogs, but now and then they are let out to run in my big fenced in yard, and let me tell you, they can RUN! I live in the country, so I have to keep a sharp eye out for the resident hawks. I don't worry about them picking up fat butt Bailey at 7 pounds, but Angel and Cricket are a different story!
For anyone who has tiny dogs and lives in the country, please know that if unattended, a hawk WILL pick up your dog!
UPDATE: Jake joined our family after his daddy (our friend) died suddenly and no one in his family wanted him. He is a great little boy and gets along well with everyone. In 2010 I lost Bella and got Jake - it was a sad and happy year.

Well, that's the story of how I wound up with 7 dogs. I've had dogs all my life, and for the ones I've loved and lost, I miss you so much. Mommy thinks of you all the time - Rebel, Holly, Missy, and Cooper #1.

Little Missy





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