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My Pets - Page 2

Angel - Yorkie Maltese Mix (white)- 7 years old

Dancer - Parti Color Standard Poodle - 4 years old

Cricket - Yorkie Maltese Mix (black/tan) - 3 years old

Bailey - Yorkie Maltese Mix (white) (Cricket's brother) - 3 years old

Rusty - Cocker Spaniel - 11 years old

Cooper - Red Standard Poodle - 3 years old

Bella - Yorkie - 17 years old (R.I.P. March 2010)

Autumn - African Gray

Kelsey - Senegal Parrot

Jake - Pomeranian - 8 years old


Bella is my rescue dog. Her former owners just didn't want her anymore and when I saw her, it was love at first site. Bella is the most spoiled and pampered little dog in the world! There is just something about her that makes you want to spoil her. She is getting old and moves very slowly, but still manages to bark if the doorbell rings - she's my little guard dog :-) [I am sad to report that we lost little Bella in March 2010. Her little body just couldn't go on after 17 years. She was so special and I am so thankful she came into my life. I love you little girl, rest in peace. ~Mommy


How I wound up with 7 dogs, and in the order I got them.


After the loss of my min pin, Rebel, it was obvious that I needed another dog in my life. Well, maybe I didn't "need" one, but I wanted one. As long as I can remember, I've always wanted a Parti Color Standard Poodle, and the search began. "Angels Dancing in the Rain, CGC", aka "Dancer" has been a joy. He is so smart it's scary! He earned his CGC title before he was a year old, attended Rally-O classes and was an outstanding student, and attended agility classes, which he loved. Training him to understand commands was a breeze - it's amazing how intelligent this breed is!



Did I need another dog? NO. Did I need another poodle? NO. But I visited this breeder one day,  just for the heck of it, and there sat Cooper, dirty, long hair, un-groomed, and sad. When I got him out of his kennel, he didn't even know how to walk on a leash. He was afraid of everything. But through the dirt, I could see a gem. So, he came home with me, I bathed him, groomed him, and as you can see by his picture, he is a beautiful baby! He attended and passed his first obedience class. He needs a lot more work, but Cooper has the ability and the drive to learn, so he will be attending more classes and hopefully he, too, will earn his CGC. By the way, for those of you who are not familiar with that title, it's Canine Good Citizen. It means he knows the basic obedience commands - sit, stay, stand, wait, come, leave it, and down. He's a good boy!!