Animals R People 2

Don't Chain Me Up

Imagine a world where every dog lives as part of the FAMILY


I want to be with you. .


I am a pack animal. Since my "pack" of long ago is gone, you, my human family, have become my pack. When I'm not with you, I suffer mentally and physically. I'm shut out of my pack and I don't know why.


If I don't learn how to live with humans, I am more likely to bite


If you chain me in your backyard, that will not stop a child from walking up to me...children who just want to pet me and love me. If I don't understand or trust children, and you've taken away my ability to flee by chaining me, I may hurt a child. I am 2.8 times more likely to bite when chained or penned, especially if I'm an unneutered male or a mother with puppies. In fact, there were at least 205 children in the U.S. killed/seriously injured by dogs living chained or penned like me between October 2003 and April 2008. It's your job to help me understand people and be safe for them to be around. I can be as dangerous as a loaded gun laying in your yard!


I deserve better


Every dog deserves to live as part of his/her human family, regardless of size or breed. Yes, I like it outside, but ONLY when you are with me! NOT for life. When you are inside, I want to be inside with you. Any dog living outside or away from the family, such as in a tiny pen, cage, basement, garage, or even alone in a fenced yard deserves better. These places still keep me alone and suffering! I want to be with you.


Laws already exist


More communities each year are changing laws for the better. Since 2003 three states have enacted some kind of protection for those dogs living chained or penned - Connecticut, California, and Texas, and more are trying each and every year. Over 110 cities and counties nationwide have now banned or limited tethering and are setting stricter laws for what is acceptable treatment for me as "man's best friend." Entire countries in Europe ban chaining, so please take care of me now before it is forced upon you!


I don't want to fight


If you got me for fighting, I'm telling you now that I don't want to fight. I don't want to breed more dogs to die on chains, in shelters, or in a dog fight. And I don't want to live chained. I want to be part of the family.


Make me Happy


Bring me into our home and family. Fence our yard. Take me for walks, it will be great exercise for both of us. Play with me. Housetrain me and take me to dog training classes....Make me part of the pack.


According to Cesar Millan, star of The Dog Whisperer - and thousands of other dog trainers the world over - food, water, and shelter are not enough. I deserve more, please start meeting my needs today.


Reprinted - Dogs Deserve Better

Tipton, PA



Dancer, a Parti Color Standard Poodle, says, "Don't Chain Me Up."