Animals R People 2

"Clicker" the Baby Squirrel

Clicker suffered life-threatening injuries in her fall from her nest, but lived happy and loved for 5 months. She had to be hand fed as her little hands did not function properly to hold food.  Clicker enjoyed daily exercise outdoors and managed to crawl around in the grass, but had to be held up in trees so she could experience life as a normal squirrel, even if just for a moment. I loved this little girl and gave her a wonderful life for the time she was with me.  "I miss you little girl! You will always live in my heart.

Clicker0005 Clicker_house IMG_0010 IMG_0015 apple_0020 outside_0003 outside_0007 outside_0013 outside_0017 IMG_0011 12weeks0011 12weeks0022

Hanging on to Mommy's legs

Baby Clicker

In her little "castle"

Getting help eating her apple

Enjoying the sun with Skylar

When you gotta go, you gotta go

Whoops - lost my balance !

My beautiful little girl - I love you

Playtime outdoors