Animals R People 2

This is the former site of "Barbara's Basement", hosted by Geocities, who shut down all of their websites as of Oct. 26, 2009.

  Dawn Marie
  Oct. 1967 - Aug. 1997

 My website is dedicated to my daughter, Dawn, who loved all animals.


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Kiss your children every is gone and tomorrow may never come

"Animals R People 2" focuses on our domestic and wild friends. I love animals and each summer I manage to help some kind of wild animal grow up and return to the wild. Last summer, I raised "Frick & Frack", two English Sparrows who were plucked out of their nest by a larger bird. In 2009, "Summer", the baby squirrel, was found abandoned and starving, but this story has a very happy ending. Please take time to read her story. In 2008 "Clicker" the squirrel was found in my driveway - she either fell out of her nest or was pushed, as she did have permanent injuries. She enjoyed five months of love and happiness and made a lasting impression on my heart. Click button to go to my Flickr page.